Kids Worship Online

We encourage you to use this virtual guided worship time to really make it your family’s offering of worship to a God who is in control and worthy to be praised.

Attached are children’s notes which can be printed and filled out. You can also, take notes on a piece of paper if you do not have access to a printer! If turned in upon us reuniting on campus, our Kids Worship leader Mr. Ben Yates will have a special something for children!

A note from Mr. Ben:

I’m praying our parents will use this time as a great opportunity to connect with their kids. A day at home with parents leading their kids in worship can be a really awesome experience.

A note from Mrs. Amanda:

We hope you get to experience the blessing your children bring to our KW leaders each week as they learn and grow in the Word. If you need any help with this lesson, please reach out to us by emailing or

Suggested Order:

  1. Prayer- Open your worship time in prayer thanking God for allowing this time to worship with your family and to open your hearts to what He has to teach you about Himself during this time together.
  2. Introduce Lesson title
  3. Introduce Life Point and talk about the Bible Verse. Look up the Bible verse and read allowed. Make it fun by doing a “sword drill” to see who can look it up the fastest!
  4. Mayflower Video– a relatable video for kids to see the lesson in a familiar setting
  5. Worship Song
  6. Lesson Video
  7. Look it up- use your Bible to read the story directly from the God’s Word and fill in the blanks on your Connect to the Bible worksheet
  8. Worship In Real Life Video
  9. Discussion- use this time to discuss any questions with your family or discuss what you all learned about God from today’s lesson
  10. Prayer- close this time together thanking God for the blessing of family and prayers for a lost world around us