Preschool Hostess

Cindy English
Cindy EnglishPreschool Hostess
Cindy is the first face you’ll see when you come to our Preschool Hall!
She has attended Dover for 12 years but has served in Children’s Ministry for 39 years teaching infants, toddlers, 1st, and 2nd grade.
Her favorite part of Children’s Ministry is getting to see each child as they grow and move through the program. She believes nothing is more important in the life of the church than children. Being part of this ministry means “you are the first face future believers associate with the family of God.”
Her 3 grandchildren are a part of this ministry which makes it even more important to her. Her favorite Bible verse is 1 Corinthians 4:2 “Moreover, it is required of stewards that a man be found faithful.”

Infants (Under 1 year)

Betty Dukes
Betty DukesInfant Teacher
Mrs. Betty has attended First Baptist Dover for 62 years and have served in the Children’s Ministry for about 27 years.

She has taught all ages from 1 to 15 years old but is currently serving as a Sunday School teacher in our Ones and Under class with the babies. They sing about Jesus to our babies in class.

Her favorite part of serving in Children’s Ministry is getting to love on the babies and make friends with the parents, assuring them that their child is well taken care of. She is very dependable and get so much
joy from working with children.

Michelle Schmitt
Michelle SchmittInfant Teacher
Michelle has been a member of FBCD since 1991 and has served in Children’s Ministry since 1997 reaching infants and toddlers. She currently serves in our Infants class.

She loves holding the babies and interacting with first time and young parents. She says being in Children’s Ministry is a blessing to see how the Lord makes each child unique from birth.

She has grown up in church and was svaed at age 8 in Girls in Action camp in Tampa. She is grateful to her parents for raising her in church.

Her favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 40:31 “But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not grow faint.”

Whitney Cataldo
Whitney CataldoInfant Teacher
Whitney currently serves in our Infants room as well as Sprouts Ministry on Sundays and Wednesdays.

One Year Old Room

Sandy Lott
Sandy LottOnes Teacher
Sandy currently serves as our Ones Sunday School teacher. She also teaches at God’s Garden Preschool during the week.
Lisa Barber
Lisa BarberOnes Teacher
Lisa currently serves as a Sunday School teacher on Sunday mornings.

Two Year Old Room

Rodney & Lucinda English
Rodney & Lucinda EnglishTwos Teachers
Rodney & Lucinda English have attended FBCD for 65+ years. Lucinda has serve in Children’s Ministry for 45+ years and Rodney for 15+ years. Both have taught in the 2’s class during that time and Lucinda served as Nursery Coordinator also.

Their favorite part of serving in Children’s Ministry is the love you receive back. They enjoy watching each child grow up into a beautiful or handsome young person. They say when you give your time to Children’s Ministry, you come away with so much more!

Lucinda comes from a large family of 10 with 7 siblings. Both Rodney & Lucinda have many of their extended family who attend and are involved at Dover. They have 3 girls that they are very proud of. All three of their girls serve in ministry at Dover too.

Their favorite Bible story is the story of Jesus’s birth but also God’s creation.

David & Sue Densmore
David & Sue DensmoreTwos Teachers
David & Sue currently serve as Sunday School teachers in our Two year old classroom each Sundays.
Sue also serves as a teacher in Melody Makers, Sprouts Bible lesson, and adult choir kids care on Wednesdays as well as Sprouts Ministry on Sunday mornings.

They have attended Dover for 6 years. Sue has served in Children’s Ministry for 4 years, mostly in the preschool area. David has been in Children’s Ministry for the past year as a 2 year old Sunday school teacher. He likes watching the kids soak up what he is talking about, their smiles, and watching them grow. He says Children’s Ministry is one of the best ways to serve the Lord because the kids are the future of the church. Imagine a child seeing you for the first time on a Sunday morning with a smile, coming to you for a hug- wow! David wants others to know that in all he does is to honor the Lord. He loves taking care of the children like they were his own and a child of the Lord’s, protecting them, teaching them, and loving them.

Sue likes being able to watch the children grow in their faith and absorb how much Jesus loves them. She also cherishes the opportunity to love on the little ones. She enjoys Children’s ministry because it allows her to be a kid again! It reaffirms Jesus’s love for her by sharing Bible stories with the kids. She says little ones are the future of the church and they are truly a blessing.

David’s favorite verse is Luke 18:15-17. His favorite story is when Jesus blesses the little children. Sue’s favorite verse is Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I AM GOD. Her favorite Bible story is Daniel in the lion’s den because it reminds her to cling to her faith no matter what the circumstances are!

Three Year Old Room

Debbie Goodson
Debbie GoodsonThrees Teachers
Debbie has attended Dover for 46+ years and been in Children’s Ministry for 41+ years. She has always taught 3’s during that time and continues teaching 3’s today with her son and daughter in love.

Her favorite part of Children’s Ministry is the kids learning about Jesus. She loves teaching and she loves all our children that come. Her favorite Bible story is the story of Jesus’s birth.

She always does a craft or hands on activity with her class so they have something to remind them about the story they learn during Sunday School.

She also helps during VBS as part of our Snack Team.

Jamie & Russell Goodson
Jamie & Russell GoodsonThrees Teachers
Russell has attended Dover for 44+ years and Jamie for 24+ years. Russell has been in Children’s Ministry for 3 years and Jamie for 5 years. During this time they have taught 3’s Sunday School and helped during VBS.

They love to see the kids smiling faces each week and how they run up to hug you when they see you. They have fun and love to hear all the stories the kids like to tell.

When they’re not in the strawberry fields farming, they love to spend free time with their daughter Carly (who also serves in Children’s Ministry during VBS!) They participate in FAITH Outreach as a family, going into our community to tell people about Jesus and invite them to our church if they do not have a church home.

Jamie’s favorite verse is 1 John 2;15 “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”

Four Year Old Room

Joann Wyatt
Joann WyattFours Teachers
Joann has attended Dover for 22+ years and has served in Children’s Ministry for 25+ years teaching “crawlers”, 3’s and 4’s. She currently teaches 4 year olds on Sunday mornings during Sunday School.

Her favorite part of serving in Children’s Ministry is the kids! She believes children are a blessing and are the future of our church. She previously taught preschool for 3 year olds at Bell Shoals Baptist Academy.

She also heads up our SALT Women’s Ministry. Check out more about our Women’s Ministry here:

Her favorite Bible verse is 1 Samuel 12:24.

Sawyer Thomas
Sawyer ThomasFours Teacher