Nursery & Preschool Ministry for Newborns to VPK

10:30am-12:00pm during Sunday morning service
Age applicable biblical learning, hands on activities, and snack!
Each age group has their own room and we transition from Sunday School directly into Sprouts. Sprouts lessons are a continuation of the Sunday School lesson from Bible Studies for Life for Preschoolers so children who miss Sunday School are not left out and children who were in Sunday School get a review and different activities to foster different learning methods. We believe repetition is key at this age. We incorporate additional learning like numbers, shaped, colors, sight words, and more into these lessons. Children may have outside time, weather permitting, and a small snack!

6pm-7:30pm during evening service (temporarily discontinued)
Children have more fun learning about Jesus from our experienced teachers while reading, playing, and coloring.

Our biblical truth:

He is strong, like a tree planted by a river.
It produces fruit in season.
Its leaves don’t die.
Everything he does will succeed.
Psalm 1:3 ICB

Our mission:

Planting God’s Seeds and watching them grow!