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The Joseph Project Fund


The Joseph Project Fund Foundation is a 501c3 that is solely governed by First Baptist Church of Dover, Florida. The purpose of the foundation is to set aside a portion of God’s blessings, like Joseph in Genesis 41, for future ministry. In order to ensure that the ministry and mission of First Baptist Church continues throughout future generations, we are committed to wise stewardship of the manifold blessings of God in our generation. If you feel led to give to the Joseph Project Fund or want to designate any future financial gifts, we would be honored to assist you

Who governs, owns, and oversees the Joseph Project Fund?

First Baptist Church of Dover, Florida is the sole member of the Joseph Project Fund, which means that the church body owns the Joseph Project Fund. The church selects Trustees who serve as Board Members of the Joseph Project Fund, and they are tasked with general oversight. Ultimately, the major decision related to the Joseph Project Fund has to be approved and voted on by First Baptist Church.

Can I designate my financial contributions when giving to the Joseph Project Fund?

No. All donations made to the Joseph Project Fund are treated exactly the same. That is, all donations are placed into the same account and future earnings are donated back into the general fund of First Baptist Church of Dover, Florida.

Will my gift be tax-deductible?

The Joseph Project Fund is a registered 501c3. Therefore, your financial gifts are tax-deductible.

How soon can I make contributions to the Joseph Project Fund?

As soon as you feel led by the Spirit of God. The Board of Directors has made arrangements to receive contributions now.

Should I give all or a portion of my tithe to the Joseph Project Fund?

No. According to Scripture, the tithe belongs in the store house (i.e., the church) and should not be designated. Contributions to the Joseph Project Fund should be above and beyond your tithe to the Lord’s church.