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Defending The Faith For 120 YEARS

Preschool Ministry

The foundation of all learning comes from grammar; it is the building block of any memorization. At FBC Dover, we strategically align with partnering with parents in memorizing scripture through song. Children’s minds can retain large amounts of information during their early years. To help parents, we’ve developed a memorization guide for children to encourage them to hide God’s word in their hearts. As children complete a memorization cycle, they are awarded a medal for their hard work!

Children’s Ministry

No matter your child’s age, our mission at First Baptist Dover is to partner with parents and grandparents to lead kids closer to Jesus Christ. We strongly believe that children are not the future; they are the focus of everything we do. We are passionate about creating an environment that encourages children to learn more about God’s word, memorize scripture and grow in their faith. We provide the necessary tools to help parents be confident in creating bible conversations at home. We provide interactive booklets that correlate with the Pastor’s sermon.

Student Ministry

As junior high students enter their teen years, they often become argumentative and want to understand why things are how they are. Rather than dismissing their questions, we strive to equip parents with the tools to help them answer these difficult questions before they go off to college.

In high school, we aim to teach students how to defend their beliefs in an environment where no question is off-limits. Our 30-year paradigm of student ministry focuses on developing leaders by asking the questions “Why do we believe the bible?” and “How do we defend the bible?” Throughout this process, we provide resources to help teens arm themselves with apologetics skills while guiding and defending their faith in a world that often challenges it.

1st Decade Ministry

Our First Decade Ministry is a launching point for young adults aged 18-29 years old to explore and learn how to live out their faith in the world. Through discipleship, they will be allowed to build upon the foundation of their faith and develop an understanding of why they believe what they do as Christians. Spiritual formation is not developed on an island, so we partner adults with First Decade students to demonstrate the faith. We also provide resources to teach how to defend the faith and encourage young adults to participate actively in ministry opportunities. The goal at this stage is to develop a lifestyle that actively lives out a devotion to Christ. Our goal for this ministry is to become a place where disciple-making disciples are created by equipping young adults to become biblically wise leaders who lead well and are impactful in creating a community where Jesus is boldly proclaimed.

Adult + Senior Ministry

Our Adult and Senior Adult Ministry strive to live the faith and to model for others what dedication and perseverance look like. We recognize that each generation has something valuable to impart to future generations, and our mentorship program helps ensure godly men and women are pouring into students. We want everyone who attends our church—young or old—to finish well. The discipleship paradigm aims to train multiple generations well beyond our years until “He receives the Nations as His inheritance” Psalm 2:7.